What is the Sanskaari Girls Book Club?

The Sanskari Girls Book Club (“SGBC”) is a space for curious learners of all genders to explore a range of readings from South Asia in a safe, supportive and diverse setting. We take an intersectional feminist approach to how we explore readings and this may reflect in both what we choose to read and how we engage with a reading. We are a space for those who are excited to challenge their biases, explore what feminism means in their lives and learn from others. 

The Sanskaari Girls Book Club was started in August 2019 and was housed within One Future Collective, a feminist non-profit organisation based in India, till August 2023. During the four years, the book club created a community of 3,000+ readers, held meet-ups across the world and in the pandemic provided a safe space to meet virtually. 

The club started as a passion project and formalising it within an organisation led to challenges of resourcing, money and questions of scale. In August 2023, we made the decision to move it outside One Future Collective to a volunteer-led and run project recognising the importance of a space of this nature but the difficulty in funding it as a formal project. This is where you come in! We are so excited to imagine this space together with you.  

Sign up to be a part of a feminist reading revolution today. By signing up, you get:

  • A theme-based reading journey; 
  • Access to a monthly facilitated meet-up, online or offline; 
  • Access to a community discord channel;
  • Monthly Newsletter with reading recommendations, events and fun surprises! 

The theme for the first six months (January to June 2024) is Climate Crisis. Climate change has significantly worsened the risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people — and the most disproportionately affected communities are in the global south. Our climate crisis must be addressed with climate justice which means addressing the climate crisis not merely as an environmental problem — but as a complex social justice problem, placing at the centre populations that are particularly vulnerable to its impacts. Through this six-month journey, we will explore readings that reckon with this issue of climate change, and explore the intersection of climate change and social justice.

Join us today, and become a #SanskaariGirl!